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88. Start Where You Are - Lindsey Roy

March 26, 20241 min read

In this episode, we had the delight of speaking with Lindsey Roy, Senior Vice President - Strategy and Brand at Hallmark. She’s a global digital leader, public speaker, and author of “The Gift of Perspective: Wisdom I Gained from Losing a Leg and Two Lungs.

Lindsey bestows some of this incredible wisdom on us, detailing how she takes gratitude to another level. She breaks down her hardships and how they completely shifted her perspective on life. She shares mindset challenges that anyone–regardless of their own life’s story–can try. 

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Jen Vellenga and Jennifer Rettele-Thomas

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Jen V. & JRT

Jen Vellenga and Jennifer Rettele-Thomas are the co-founders of Voice First World®, a communication and executive coaching company.  They train executives and leaders on the Presence Paradigm™, a communication technique created from Jen V's decades of training actors to perform authentically, with presence, on stages, on audio, and video.  If you want to learn more about how to speak and lead confidently, book a discovery call at www.voicefirstworld.com/calendar

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Jen has been magical in helping me to identify my voice and my VOICE! The ways that she has holistically addressed my strengths and my areas of improvement have all made me feel so much more confident.

-Cate R.

Politician, Chicago, IL