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What's It Like To

Work With Us

Our Clients Say It Best...

What's It Like To

Work With Us?

Our Clients Say It Best...

-Lisa G.

Author, Speaker, EOS® Implementer/Business Coach, Denver, CO

-Dr. Rebeca C.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Overland Park, KS

-Kathi W.

Principal, KDantleyWarren Consulting, Houston, TX

-Shannon R.

CEO, Oklahoma City, OK

-Nancy W.

Chief People Officer, Kansas City, MO

-Ushi P.

Brand Strategist/Executive Coach, Austin, TX

-Jennifer R.

Senior Sales Executive, Overland Park, KS

-Emily M.

Director of Development, Olympia, WA

-Dr. Francesca G.

Founder and Principal Partner, Chicago, IL

-Billi D.

Director of Development, Hilton Head, SC

-Cheryl O.

Associate Dean, Pullman, WA

-Jennifer N.

Director, Washington, D.C.

-Marcie H.

Chief Development Officer, Boca Raton, FL

-Donna H.

Chief Academic Officer, North Little Rock, AR

Today was the day of my presentation in Korea, and it went fantastic. Using your breathing exercises before the presentation really helped. I felt so much calmer presenting. My colleagues and boss where really impressed.

-Viktor-Jan D.

Biomedical Researcher/Ph.D. Student

Brussels, Belgium

Jen V. authentically connected with our cohort members and used her expertise in building confidence and creating connection to help each participant to find success.

-Dr. Emily L.

Founder, Roots & Legacies Consulting, Inc., Manhattan, KS

Jen has helped members of my team find their voice, be bold and vulnerable. She has instilled confidence and clarity in both my work and me as I transitioned into an executive role.

-Logan S.

Executive Artistic Director, Kansas City, MO

I felt seen and understood while Jen guided me in pairing my authenticity and vision with proven storytelling techniques. She was singularly focused on how our work together would make practical and measurable improvements in my career.

-Bliss G.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, New York, NY

I will return to these lessons for the rest of my career.

-Dr. Maria C.

Professor of Political Science, Olympia, WA

Jen recognized my strengths and provided me with pragmatic recommendations to bolster my self-confidence and refine my skills.  Her insights have proven invaluable in my efforts to transmit messages with clarity and purpose.

-Dr. Helena R.

Vice President, Administrative Management/Senior Researcher, Lisbon, Portugal

You are your voice. With Jen V., I immediately realized I had a warm, comfortable, and confident audience. You can't improve if you don't acknowledge where you are and what you can become.

-Lisa L.

Founder/CEO, Washington, D.C.

I’ve always had some anxiety around public speaking and as a leader, I have to speak up more. After working with Jen V., I feel so much more confident. I've been told now that I am an amazing presenter, a compliment I had not received before working with Voice First World.

-Marcia H.

Director, Center for Principled Business, Kansas State University, Manahttan, Kansas

Jen's ability to constantly learn, evolve, and change is an incredible way that she leads by example. I saw her confidently and readily pivot in her work, based on what she was learning or reading, which is inspiring and transformative. Jen was my college professor for four years, but has remained a mentor and friend. Her accountability always begets honesty.

-Grace D.

Emmy Award winning Story Producer, Unscripted TV, Los Angeles, CA

I was so grateful to have such a strong & talented female teacher whom I felt connected and inspired by. Jen was supportive, engaging, & nurturing. She gave me the confidence to allow myself to be vulnerable. From there bred growth in my skills.

-Sarah S.

Announcer, WWE, Orlando, FL