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We help women advance into higher levels of leadership, influence, and confidence through voice and performance training.

We want you to Speak with Presence™ to own the expertise you have rightfully earned.  

The human voice is a powerful commodity for the digital age. The ability to speak up and speak out is the hallmark of a great leader. Yet subtle bias can undermine your speaking power, virtually and in person.

If you want to get clear on your value in the workplace, eliminate speaking anxiety, and communicate your story with a powerful voice, watch our free master class today!


We are co-founders, JRT and Jen V....

Jennifer Rettele-Thomas and Jen Vellenga.

JRT focuses on business operations and exceptional client stewardship while Jen V. gives her attention to coaching clients and creative endeavors.


What our clients have to say...


Miami, FL


Homer Bonner Jacobs Ortiz

I can say, without any equivocation, the other courses I've seen are not the same. The coaches in the Speak with Presence™ program are so inviting. It's the community combined with the one-on-one attention that makes it so uplifting.  We get the benefit of working in a relaxed setting with experts, who are respected and advanced in their professions. There's no judgment. I've laughed at the stories shared by other women: a CEO, a well-regarded author, all willing to share what we would never share in our professional settings because we're afraid it would make us look ‘less than.’ There's a holistic approach. Jen V. and JRT are there when we need them, more than willing to help. You just don't get that when you go to a seminar, a one-off workshop, or when you buy a couple of classes. 


Fairfax, VA

Founder and CEO

Women in Business Education

Honestly, I was dreading our first call and having my voice analyzed. It's so personal and so intimate. You are your voice. I want to encourage those thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I'm meeting with a professional coach who works with award-winning actors and lawyers and real professionals. I'm going to feel very judged.’ You can't improve if you don't let anyone in to see all of your weaknesses. It is a very warm environment. It is worth that awkwardness because improvement will be made. With Jen V., I immediately realized I had a warm, comfortable, and confident audience. She was able to immediately pinpoint some areas that I could improve quickly that no one had ever told me before. Now I look forward to our sessions. You are not alone if you are thinking you will dread the embarrassment. You cannot improve if you do not address and acknowledge where you are and what you can become.


New York, NY

Broadway Actor


Jen V. has a beautifully unique ability to connect - connect actors to text, connect people to themselves, connect humans to other humans. She creates an environment of safety that allows people to be okay as they are, which then motivates and leaves room for learning and change. Jen V.'s warmth as a teacher and coach helped me to feel empowered in the challenges she asked of me, rather than defensive at what I thought she was criticizing - a fine line, but one that I benefitted from. She asks her students and clients to make a choice about how seriously we take the work we do, and then holds us to that, supporting when it gets frustrating and letting us know that it's okay to laugh when it gets hard. It is difficult to describe the deep and honest level that Jen V. works at, but in all the times that I’ve interacted and seen her work - directing, working on her podcast, or even engaging on social media - she holds herself and others around her to that empowering standard: living with honesty, warmth, and the choice of determination. 


Manhattan, KS

Menard Family Director, Center for Principled Business

Kansas State University

I’ve never thought of myself as a public speaker and I’m definitely not a performer, but I jumped at the opportunity to develop my voice and performance skills as my leadership responsibilities have changed. I’ve always had some anxiety around public speaking and in my current role I have to speak up more. After just a few sessions with Jen V., I felt so much more confident. I recently spoke at a committee meeting where I was told that I am an amazing presenter, a compliment I had not received before taking the Speak with Presence™ program. I am so glad I made the investment.


New York, NY

Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

J.D. Candidate, Fordham School of Law

Jen Vellenga is the consummate coach. She was singularly focused on how our work together would make practical and measurable improvements in my career. I felt seen and understood while she guided me in pairing my authenticity and vision with proven storytelling techniques. The skill I learned from Jen is how to keep my listeners engaged and on the edge of their seats whether I’m at coffee with a potential client, in the boardroom with execs, or giving a keynote.


Oak Park, IL

Chicago-area Politician

Jen has been magical in helping me on so many levels to identify my voice and my VOICE! The variety of ways that she has holistically addressed my strengths and my areas of improvement are too many to name, but they range from logistical (lighting, positioning, posture) to psychological (routine, tricks, tips, reminders and aids) and even just plain encouragement!! I could not be the success that I am in this campaign without the work Jen has put in. It’s all made me feel so much more confident.


Manhattan, KS


Powercat Financial Planning

Kansas State University

When I was given a daunting opportunity to be a keynote speaker, Jen V. helped me create an engaging story that brought the message to life before the thousands in attendance. She coached me in my delivery, helping me gain the confidence to succeed. Jen V. teaches how to engage your audience authentically by addressing impactful events that may be weighing on your audience from the onset. This expert advice planted the seed for what has become a campus-wide effort to return to campus mindfully by having students and faculty address the events of the pandemic at the onset of the semester with intention and authenticity. 



Baltimore, MD

Video Producer

BHHS PenFed Realty

Training my voice with Jen V. changed my life. I struggle with self-confidence and am occasionally intimidated by others. In meetings and general discussions I was frequently interrupted, talked over, and sometimes outright ignored. Jen V.'s course gave me the tools to realize my vocal strengths and weaknesses, and to hone my speaking skills. Jen V.'s keen awareness of each pupil's needs and constant assurance that I deserved to be heard helped my personal confidence as well as my technical voice skills. I cannot recommend the Speak with Presence™ program enough. Even if you think your problems are minor, educating yourself on what you can do to become even stronger is incredibly empowering. I find myself referencing the lessons I learned from the program almost daily. 


Los Angeles, CA

Voiceover/TV & Film/Theatre Actor

Jen V.'s ability to assess each individual client's unique strengths and weaknesses, in order to truly meet them where they're at and tailor her tutelage accordingly, is part of what distinguishes her from many other coaching professionals in creative fields.  Her decades of experience is obvious through her confidence and ease of knowledge, but never overshadows her gentle guidance, perceptibility and encouragement. Coupled with her unwavering enthusiasm and passion for the work, Jen V. creates a learning environment of trust and zeal that is unparalleled.

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