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Women speak up 75% less often than men when they are outnumbered

If you are a woman in leadership, you are outnumbered.

Have you been...



Left out of key conversations?

You know you're the expert in the room.

But you wonder...

Did I say something wrong? Was I clear? How am I being perceived?

It's enough to shake your confidence.

When you are a leader at the top, you can't be wondering if your message is being heard the way you intend. We don't blame women* but we know you want a solution.

And we can help.

*We don't blame men either. We all have to work together to influence change.

Your Voice Is Powerful

You're in the board room or on the job hunt. You're presenting yourself in front of an audience in a conference room. Or on a stage, on video or audio.

And you have the authority in the room.

Or do you?

You're an authentic leader, it's your place to speak up, but something has rocked your confidence.

And you are worn out. So you've gone silent.

If You Are...

  • Quietly Quitting

  • Navigating Workplace Change

  • Presenting to Blank Faces

  • Lacking Clarity in Your Thought Leadership

  • Overtalking

  • Dreading Public Speaking

  • Unclear About Creative and Digital Presenting

We Can Help!

Most executive coaching isn't working. When it's offered from inside your organization, you worry about confidentiality.

If you work with corporate trainers, it's broad and surface-level. And they are not experts in creative communications for the digital age.

When you look for a community in your own industry, you have to be cautious of what you share.

You're a Senior Level Leader

or You Should Be

It's not enough to be in the board room, on the job search, or when you present.

You have ideas, but you've lost confidence in your voice.

We help you regain your confidence, develop your thought leadership, and capture the attention of your audience quickly, with compelling presence.

Listening is key, but too much listening without speaking can undermine your expertise.

You are authentic and driven, but you're worn out. You've spent your career watching charisma and self-promotion win when hard work and collaboration did not get rewarded.

You've paid your dues, but for what?

Do you wonder if you're...

  • Being overlooked?

  • In the wrong position/job/culture?

  • Communicating an unclear message?

We can help!

You Are the Expert in the Room.

When you're a leader, you can't be wondering if your message is being heard the way you intend.

You convey authority quickly when you are courageous, confident, and clear.

  • Are you quietly quitting your career?

  • Do you stay silent when you are the expert in the room?

  • Do you over-talk without getting to a clear point?

  • Do you wonder if you'll ever be promoted again?

  • Have you been told you need communication training?

  • Do you lack clarity in delivering your philosophy?

  • Do you dread speaking for your company on audio or video?

  • Is your delivery dry and monotone?

  • Are your slide deck presentations uninspiring?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you need support and we are here for you!

I just had an amazing sales call,

I cannot wait for the next one! I was able to help my client step into her feminine energy and really visualize it.

Rachael Weaver

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I needed to get back in tune with how to stand in my truth. You helped me feel powerful, knowledgeable, and prepared to speak at an important (but stressful!) event.

Christina Piedlow

President/CEO, TPG Trade Show and Event Marketing

Los Angeles, CA

You Are Not Alone

If you are not sharing your voice in meetings, giving presentations, guesting on podcasts, creating webinars and videos, then you are opting out of your future.

We care about getting you ready - now.

At Voice First World, we coach women leaders to speak with clarity (without being perfect) so they can lead with confidence and create meaningful change in the world.

Opportunities to use your voice are increasing every year. If you are not speaking more, you're falling behind. Get comfortable with your voice now.

You've got your seat at the table, own it.

We have three programs to get you results:

Voice First World is Different.

Clear direction and your unique thought leadership are the core outcomes of our training. And it starts with confidence and focus. When you get clear, you can create change.

We work across industries helping leaders take practical, but meaningful action to re-engage in their careers.

You are not a failure. And you don't need to be "fixed." The challenges you are facing are symptoms of systemic bias that won't be completely resolved in our lifetime.

Perfection is overrated, but we know leaders must speak with presence to influence change.

We Make it Easy to Speak with Presence.

When you can speak with clarity, confidence, and presence, you own your seat at the table. We'll get you started in three easy steps:

  • CHOOSE your plan

  • ENROLL in the program

  • SPEAK with Presence

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All the best,

Jen Vellenga & Jennifer Rettele-Thomas

Voice First World®

Ushi P.

Brand Strategist and Executive Coach

Austin, TX

Kathi W.

Principal, KDantleyWarren Consulting

Houston, TX

Billi D.

Development Director

Hilton Head, SC

Kathi Dantley-Warren

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, Rice University

Houston, TX

-Billi Dray

Development Director, Young Life Global

Hilton Head, SC

- Dr. Francesca Giordano

President/CEO, Veduta Consulting

Chicago, IL

Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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I enrolled 2 new students today. First 2 in 1 day ever!

Sara Ceo

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