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Speak with Perfection Presence

The leader's guide to harnessing the power
of effective communication


Speak with Perfection Presence

The leader's guide to harnessing the power
of effective communication

I now lean into leadership interactions with confidence, using my presence and my voice.

-Francesca Giordano, Ph.D., Founder/Principal Partner, Veduta Consulting

Your Voice Is Powerful: Learn How To Use It

We’ve been there: You’re in the meeting or interview, presenting on stage, on video, or even on a podcast. You hold all the authority in the room. But suddenly, your confidence feels shaky, and you’ve faded into the background. It happens to the best of us when we experience the overwhelm of scattered communication.

What lack of effective communication can look like in real life:

If this sounds like you, we’re here to tell you it’s not the end of the world! The foundation of harnessing your speaking power is well underway. It’s always been there – you just need the right tools to set it free. That’s where our coaching services come in.

What Makes us Different

Sure, many companies offer exercises and cookie-cutter communication trainings – but what does that really mean? We provide a safe space to learn – leaning into the psychological component of working with real people on how to captivate a room in the digital age. And most importantly, we offer confidentiality. With Voice First World, your development journey is yours only – you’ll never have to worry about whispers around the workplace.


Voice First World throws everything you learned in your high school speech class out the window.

Public Speaking and Communication Coaching

Unlike your typical public speaking coach, we believe that you don’t have to speak perfectly in order to communicate effectively.

We’re not here to make your posture, diction, or grammar perfect. We’re going to make sure that you feel confident enough to speak up when needed, that your voice is strong, your words are direct, and that you also know when it’s time to listen.


I needed to get back in tune with how to stand in my truth. You helped me feel powerful, knowledgeable, and prepared to speak at an important (but stressful!) event.

Christina Piedlow
President/CEO, TPG Trade Show and Event Marketing
Los Angeles, CA

How It Works

It’s time you unapologetically own your seat at the table. Our bread and butter? Tailored communication and executive coaching for leaders operating in the digital age. We designed our program with the truth in mind: leadership development is dynamic. Teams–especially remote teams–need a leader who can jump through a screen and inspire with their expression. We’ll work with your strengths to craft communication tactics that feel authentic to you and your style.

So, now’s your time to get started. Seems like a big undertaking, but don’t fret—we make it easy:


What do you love about your communication style? What are your blind spots? We’ll work with you to hone in on areas that complement what you’re already doing well!

Now for the fun part—let’s get started. Through the program, you’ll be held accountable to attend coaching sessions that teach you how to find your inner voice and when/how to use it.

It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. With your new set of refined skills, you’ll be able to speak confidently—making yourself known within your professional (and even personal) life.


I am much more confident leaning in. Now I have the courage to use my voice and I don’t have a problem speaking up.​

-Jenn W., Account Executive, Virginia

Speak with Perfection Presence

How to communicate authentically to influence change

Ushi P.
Brand Strategist and Executive Coach
Austin, TX

Kathi W.
Principal, KDantleyWarren Consulting
Houston, TX

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Director of Development
Hilton Head, SC