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Speak with Presence?


Ready To

Speak with Presence?

The support you give your clients has impacted my confidence in ways you don’t even know. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

 Emily Michalak, Healthcare Operations Executive, Cleveland, OH

The 3 Things You Need To Get Started

We’ve been at this for a long time. We’ve figured out the 3 prerequisites you need to be successful in our program. And guess what? They’re all qualities you already possess. No resumes, no applications, and no credentials are required.



While our clients have reached incredible milestones, understand that self-development takes time and effort. It’s a lifelong journey that will (and should) evolve throughout your life. Like anything of value, long-term determination and perseverance are the most essential things needed to succeed. Our most satisfied, confident clients will be the first ones to tell you your level of success is up to you.



Above all, commit to yourself. Commit to the idea that your confidence and power are already there, waiting to be regained or unleashed. And if you don’t fully believe it, you fake it until we help you make it! Above all, we just want to see you succeed. We’ll always cheer you on—but your inner cheerleader is most important. Success within our program happens to those who commit to showing up and, more importantly, to showing up for themselves.


Willingness to Learn

Sure, you can log on and “complete” our program—but what does that really mean? Shift your mental space. Meet your new best friends: openness and curiosity. Tap into your inner student, and eliminate self-doubt to uncover your abilities. Show up every day ready to learn, fail, and repeat. There will be off days, and that’s okay. We don’t believe in perfection (and neither should you).

Speak With Presence™ Signature Program

Designed for motivated leaders looking to improve their leadership skills, prepare for promotions or job interviews, craft powerful presentations and create engaging conversations.

• Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions (6 months)
• Weekly group coaching (6 months)
• Support via text when you need it
• A special swag box (a little gift just for you!)
• Lifetime access to Speak Up Home Study on Confidence, Clarity, and Presence 
• Private community to lean on, made up of leaders and executives just like you

Jen meets you exactly where you are
and guides you to make discoveries that will stick with you forever.

– Elizabeth N., Actor/Coach, New York, NY

Your team could benefit from our public speaking training

In addition to individual coaching, we offer workshops and keynotes on confident speaking, executive presence, and compelling storytelling. These programs are available both in person and virtually. We are committed to inclusivity and diversity within our workshops.

Voice First World elicited enthusiastic participation from their audience
of I2MTC 2023 conference attendees. It was indicative of the power of their communication
framework and truly incredible to witness.

– Ruth Dyer, Ph.D., IEEE IMS Administrative Committee


Before I didn’t see myself as an expert. It wasn’t that I wasn’t speaking, but I wasn’t being heard. I view myself as an expert now, and I walk in that confidence. The way I am received now and the way I am perceived now is totally different. I just feel confident in who I am and what I have to offer.

Regina Clausell
Education/Special Ed Consultant


Jen V. authentically connected with our cohort members and used her expertise in building confidence and creating connection to help each participant to find success.

Dr. Emily Lehning

Roots & Legacies Consulting, Inc.


Working with Jen V and JRT has been an incredible, empowering experience! I love their individualized approach to coaching and commitment to helping me reach both personal and professional goals. I’ve not only found my voice, but I’ve also gained the confidence to use it! I truly feel like I had two partners – sisters – working through this program.

 Emilie Fink

Chief Engagement Officer

Speak with Perfection Presence

How to communicate authentically to influence change