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Where perfection is overrated, good guys listen, and women speak authentically to influence change. 

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We ask powerful leaders,

"What's stopping women from speaking up?

Our guests share their solutions and offer advice for career advancement.

Each week on the Speak with Presence Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Why women aren't speaking up
  • Who needs women to speak authentically
  • How women can speak with presence to advance their careers


Meet the co-hosts of Speak with Presence

Jen Vellenga

Podcast Co-host

A former professor and stage director, Jen V. loves to find the ways that performance shows up across industries. She believes if you can breathe well, you can speak well. Jen is the co-founder of Voice First World.

Jennifer Rettele-Thomas

Podcast Co-host

A former AVP in development, J.R.T. has a reputation for exceptional stewardship. She has a passion for sharing stories in unique ways.  JRT is the co-founder of Voice First World.

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