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Your first 1:1 session made me more of "me" than slews of coaching I've had before.

- Ushi Patel, Brand Strategist and Executive Coach, Austin, TX

Hi There! We're Jen V. & JRT

We are on a mission to help leaders gain the confidence to tell a great story, not just to read from a slide deck and fade into the background. We encourage individuals and teams to use their authenticity to speak from the heart, make decisions confidently, and take risks to create change in the world.

We are complete opposites, which is a unique component of our partnership. It allows us to see the complementary (but often hidden) strengths among team members.


Not-So-Artsy Storytelling

Leading with stories and empathy to motivate teams


No Fear Executive Presence

Communicate with clarity on video, audio, and in person to influence change in the workplace


Your Identity + Me

Embrace differences (without over-sharing) through authentic engagement



Jen V. served as a professor, stage director, and leader in higher education before launching Voice First World with JRT. Over the last 25 years, she has empowered Emmy® and Tony® Award-winning actors and writers to embrace their authentic selves and speak confidently.



JRT served as the Associate Vice President for a university foundation for 15 years. Throughout her career, she realized the importance of learning to own her seat at the table with effective communication and delivery. Her leadership background and passion for storytelling propelled her to launch Voice First World in 2021 with

Jen V.